Food & Drinks

Intoxicating Vitto


This quaint little wine bar is a haven for drinkers who enjoy savouring every drop of liquor as they revel in the cozy ambience. The dimly lit parlor is so inviting it would be best to go there before sundown because the place is easily packed. As for the bar list, the wine choices are acceptable, I am no connoisseur and so as long as my wine suits my taste and brings keeps me smiling, I am good.

Vitto’s Wine Bar and Restaurant has a daily Happy Hour promo, buy-one-take-one on house wine, margarita or mojito from 3pm -8pm. On certain days of the week they have a wine-all-you can promo for 499. If you happen to love wine more than water, this could be your happy place. The items on the menu complement the wines like cheese and sausage platters. From the tapas list the Italian meat balls is a winner, they also serve meals, since you cannot really have alcohol with an empty stomach.

Vitto’s Wine Bar is the perfect chill out place. Once you get settled and your friends start chatting away, everything seems to freeze, nothing moves except the flowing wine. And before you know it, the servers are asking for your “last order”.


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