Melanie Marquez in My Midst

I just moved to a new job, and I was most surprised to see beautiful photos of Melanie Marquez on the walls of my new work place.

According to my boss, these were taken years and years ago and were used for various agency projects. (I work for a PR Agency) The photos truly reveal the versatility of our lovable supermodel, beauty queen, actress and movie producer.


I met Melanie during my years as a writer for Manila Chronicle newspaper. Back then she produced a movie for superstar actress Nora Aunor.  Actually I was assigned to interview Ms. Aunor  yet  movie producer Melanie was nice enough to dropped by to make sure the interview happens without a hitch. Incidentally Nora Aunor starred in several films directed my Melanie’s father Artemio Marquez.

The 1979 Miss International also managed the music career of her talented brother, singer-composer Ringgo Marquez.  Ringgo released a solo album in the ‘90s. He is now based in Singapore.


I remember seeing Melanie’s children Manuel Lito, Mazen, Maxine and Michelle when I would visit  her in her house in Quezon City.   Back then she was very particular about the diet of her little girls. “Pag napapansin kong tumataba si Michelle at si Xuxa, Quaker Oats lang ang kakainin nila. “ (If I notice that Michelle and Xuxa are putting on weight, they will only eat Quaker Oats). Michelle is now a Bench model, while Maxine Xuxa is a school teacher.


Her home was always open to her friends and members of her big family. I remember meeting lots of uncles, nephews and nieces .  She has always blessed because of her generous heart.

Apart from her astounding perfect features, people can learn a lot from this towering beauty’s ability to define life in her own terms.  We all know she can be very funny and delights in the fact that she brings good cheer to everyone. 


Melanie is currently based in Utah and is happily married to businessman Adam Lawyer. “I am a devoted Mom and I help my husband with some professional matters,” she replied when I asked her via FB messenger.

They have two children Adam 16, and Abraham 15.  Melanie describes her two boys as “giants”. Adam stands  6’1 ½, and Abraham is 6’0. She also shared that Adam has high- functioning autism.  According to WebMD   this is autism in a milder form.  “ They can speak, read, write, and handle basic life skills like eating and getting dressed. They can live independently just like anyone else.”

Melanie will be visiting Manila in October, in time for Michelle’s   graduation.  Her daughter is taking up Psychology in LaSalle.

If you are in the mood for some throw back moments with Melanie, here are some pictures from our wall.  The photos are framed in glass so apologies for the  glare or other light images. But then again Melanie’s beauty should easily transcend all that.




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