No Diners in Pajamas at Microtel Baguio Breakfast Resto

Doesn’t it bother you when you see guests in their sleeping attire dining in the hotel coffee shop?

Microtel Wyndham in Baguio shines like a bright light at the end of a long journey. This cozy inn is adjacent to the Victory Liner bus station, which is so convenient for passengers billeted in the hotel.


The staff was so accommodating even at 4 am.  In case you booked via online travel sites you may be charge extra if you will check-in before the designated time. We preferred to pay so we could rest before exploring the city.

If you haven’t been to Baguio in a long time, now is the best time to visit the place. Travel time to the summer capital is exceptionally shorter. Thanks to the express way (NLEXSCTEX and TPLEX) our trip was just a little over four hours.


Photo from Microtel site

Baguio is still tourist-friendly. Everyone from cab drivers to hotel and restaurant staff is ready to assist. The front desk clerk in Microtel gave us a map to help us out. Initially, we thought we needed to rent a van just to go around but cabs are everywhere and the drivers are so accommodating.  Moreover almost all taxi vehicles are vans, big enough for groups and shopping bags.

If you are counting your steps, you can take advantage of the cold air, by exploring the city by foot. There are no motorcycles in Baguio and so the streets are not noisy. You can go for a nice leisurely walk, while enjoying the view.

Microtel is right at the city center. It is walking distance to Session Road, Burnham Park, UP Baguio and of course, SM. Everything else is a short jeep or cab ride away.


The hotel has just been renovated, and so the rooms are all fresh and new.  The hotel restaurant is called Te Quiero Spanish Tapas Bar and Restaurant. The place serves the customary breakfast buffet for the guests. We were impressed that the hotel strictly implements the required dress code especially for the breakfast crowd. Those in their pajamas, slippers and undershirts are not allowed to dine.


Photo from Microtel site

Isn’t this wonderful? Doesn’t it bother you when you see guests in their sleeping attire, getting food from the buffet? There is a sign outside the restaurant to remind everyone.  In case, diners missed it (or they simply being a brat and refuses to follow rules) the staff has mastered the art of politely reminding them.  Yes, it can be embarrassing and some guests many not take it well, but people must realize that appropriate clothing is required when dining in public, even as early as 6 am.

The hotel breakfast buffet is a winner and the Baguio longganisa is the hands-down favorite.  The buffet has enough choices  – Filipino breakfast staples like fried rice, tapa, fried fish, they also serve pancakes, noodles, fruits and desert The restaurant staff is so attentive with coffee refills and egg orders you’ll end-up drinking so much coffee and ordering all kinds of egg dishes.


We visited Te Quiero in the evening for cocktails and light dinner.  If you like the cold air, you can ask for a table outside overlooking the pine trees. But if you prefer a warmer temperature it would be best to stay inside. We were very happy with the Salpicao and Callos which we enjoyed with wine.

We look forward to staying in Microtel Baguio again so we can try other dishes like their steaks Madrid Pork chops, Prawns Catalan, Goat Caldereta and many more. Apart from the good food, it is also good to stay in a hotel with a well-stocked bar.



2 thoughts on “No Diners in Pajamas at Microtel Baguio Breakfast Resto”

  1. Awesome post, tita! I personally don’t feel comfortable going to a public place in my pajamas so Imm surprised other people actually do it! Haha kudos to them for strictyl implementing the rule, maybe people just need to be reminded. ❤️

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