Buying a mattress? Nap on it before before the actual purchase!

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for one’s overall health. If you religiously exercise and watch your diet, equally important is getting the right amount of rest that balances your active lifestyle.

Sleep quality is dependent on many factors – comfort, stress level, room temperature and many others. How I envy people who can lean on one side and start snoring in seconds.  Unfortunately not everyone can easily rest when they need to. In fact it can be a challenge for the active mind. Ideas flow nonstop even as you close your eyes and this can disrupt your  journey to a delightful rest. Instead, you end up tossing and turning for hours.


The quality of your sleep would depend on your ability to put your body  to rest.  The body will relax if it’s comfortable and so you need to have a good resting place, a bed with a nice, soft and firm mattress.

Buying a mattress can be tricky, especially if you are faced with so much variety. The best way to choose the right mattress is to actually try it out.  Is that possible? Of course!

At the  Blims Sleep Clinic buyers are invited to nap on their chosen mattress for 10-15 minutes so they can decide which mattress would best suit their sleeping habits..

I am sure you’ve had experiences in the past when your new bed didn’t actually give  your much desired rest. Well, now you can actually try it out at Blims,  complete with clean pillows and bed sheets. Blims has a Sleep Clinic in Ortigas CW Home Depot, Shangri-la Plaza Mall and Alabang CW Home Depot.


Remember it’s time to buy a new mattress if:

  • You wake up with aches and pains that last all day .
  • Your mattress is showing signs of wear and tear  (sagging or  breaking on the side)
  • You feel the coils, or hear noises and creaks when you move.
  • You roll towards the middle of the bed at night or you easily roll off the edge
  • Your bed feels unusually hot, even if the bedroom temperature is fine.
  • Your mattress if more than eight years old.


Watch Kelly Misa try the mattress before deciding whether or not to buy it.

Click video here:

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