Manila Life Cafe: Chill time in NAIA 3

People do not normally go to airports  to eat or hang out. In fact we only notice food choices out of necessity. But the presence of Manila Life Cafe in NAIA 3 will definitely change all that. Located at the 5th level, it is the first establishment that will catch your attention after traversing the famous runway that links NAIA 3 to Resorts World. Operated by Marriot hotel, the cafe is a refreshing sight next to the row of fast food joints and popular chains.

Water is served in stainless steel mug. Don’t forget to try the coffee.

The unique food concept will give you another good reason to visit the airport. Since it caters to travelers and hotel guests, the restaurant has a reception area where travelers can leave their bags or seek assistance with their arrangements.
Diners are immediately greeted by a huge black and photo of a bustling city street.  Judging from the jeepney signboards, the photo was probably taken somewhere in Bulacan.

Sit in the long table, bask in the bustling city view in black and white.

The dining set –up is very casual. Water is served in stainless steel mugs and utensils are stacked with the condiments in the middle of the table. If you are unsure of what to eat, a sip of their perfectly rich coffee will perk up your senses.
The menu is a good mix of breakfast favorites, popular snacks, comfort food and local treats. The portions are good for sharing with interesting choices like Tapdelog or  Tapa and Egg Pandesal sandwich –beef tapa, fried egg, freshly baked pandesal,  Manila Street Food platter- homemade fish balls, Chicken Fritters, quail eggs, soy sauce dip, spiced vinegar and sweet sour sauce; Comfort bowls like Sisig Rice, Pancit Luglug, and desserts like Mango Sago and Purple Yam roll.  For travellers that are not so adventurous they serve Manila Life Cheese Burger, Fish Tacos and Chicken Burger.

Tapdelog is love!

They also have an intriguing dish called “It Takes Gutz Homemade Bam-1” a recipe by Ruffa Gutierrez, made of Chicken Strips, Sliced Pork, Shrimp, Chicken Chorizo, Wood Ear Mushroom -something to look forward in the next visit.  The cafe is open as early at 6am.

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