Dreaming of becoming a Flight Attendant? Join “Fly High with Mayie” on June 3


Getting paid to travel is certainly the coolest job in the planet.

If you  you enjoy interacting with people from all walks of life, addressing their needs, doing everything you can to make them feel comfortable?  Then maybe you should consider being a flight attendant!

Like any other job, it comes with a lot of challenges, and certainly  requires more than a quest for adventure.


To qualify for this job you need to have right personality and attitude. Airline passengers have to feel welcome and safe at all times. It is not always easy because there will be times when you’ll be exhausted


When you are responsible for someone’s safety and well being you need to have the confidence to implement the regulations. Some passengers don’t want to listen and its your responsibility to make sure they follow safety instructions.

Time Away from Loved Ones

Enjoy traveling? What if it means being away from loved ones for weeks and months? The long hours can strain your relationships.


Flight attendants go through extensive training before they can start working. And this is crucial because they have to be prepared for every situation. You have to be in top physical shape before you can officially fly as part of the cabin crew.

Learn from Mayie

If you wish to join this exciting industry then come join “Fly High with Mayie”. Be part of this enlightening workshop find out if you’ve got what it takes to be part of an airline service crew.


Before enrolling in any flight attendant training course, check out Mayie Carballo‘s workshop and see if you are up for the challenge.


A former flight attendant Mayie Carballo is aware of the challenges of applicants who are trying to make their way into the industry.

“I worked with five different international airlines and I know the application process can  be tough. It can really be difficult especially if you are completely unaware of what’s ahead,” she said.

For example out of sheer determination, applicants are easily swayed by the promises of expensive training centers. There is nothing wrong with acquiring knowledge, especially if you are passionate about the job. But not all training centers will be honest enough to tell you the painful truth, “they will not tell you that you won’t qualify. You will probably find out, once you start applying for the job.”

Mayie’s workshop teaches applicants everything they need to know about the exciting world of the aviation service industry, complete with actual training plus insights from industry professionals. Moreover, she  will be assessing each applicant, if he or she is truly qualified for the job. “I believe this is important that they know early on, if this job is for them or not.”

Qualified applicants will be fortunate enough to be accompanied by Mayie during their job interview and application process. “I worked for five different airlines, so I know what they are looking for.”

Just in case they do not make it, it is not the end of the world.  According to Mayie, they can always work for five-star hotels and yes, she also has a workshop for those who wish to join the hospitality industry.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a flight attendant?  Join  “Fly High with Mayie”   on June 3, 2018 (Sunday)  at Belmont Hotel Manila

For inquiries send an email to or

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