Life is good!

Beer is love!

I love beer!

I am a certified beer lover! In my own perfect world, beer spells happiness.

There is something about the cold and flavorful carbonated texture that caresses down my throat after every gulp. It does more than just quench my thirst. It sends signals to my brain that the good times are here. And so I cannot help but flash a flirty smile, as I wipe off some froth from my upper lip.

Corona my new favorite

Am I an alcoholic?  Oh I hope not, or else that would mean I need to give up my favorite drink. Having an ice cold beer on cocktail hour gives me a renewed sense of vitality. The refreshing taste, works like my early morning vitamins that prepare me for a hectic work day.

Coming home from a toxic meeting, I head straight to the bar for that much awaited cold gulp. The refreshing taste works like a vacuum that sucks out the day’s negative elements. Once the cold brew enters my being reality changes spectrum. It’s a new day (even at cocktail hour), all the bad experiences are now in the past.

I started drinking beer, when the San Miguel Pale Pilsen lorded over bars. At that time I didn’t have any choice. I wasn’t a Pale Pilsen fan. I didn’t really like the taste, but since drinking was synonymous to  happy times, I  enjoyed it in small gulps.

Drink this when you are all alone in a bar, and nobody will bother you.

I remember loving San Miguel Super Dry when it was first introduced in the market. I love drinking straight out of its  cool long neck. The bottle was definitely sexier  compared to the short and stout LPG-looking pale pilsen. It tasted “different” but it certainly better than pilsen,

The ‘90s also saw the emergence of independent breweries. I remember going to Watering Hole in Shangri-la Mall and The Brewery in Street Life. The freshly brewed beer had so much potential, and was a welcome alternative to bottled beer.

Saw this in Union Jack,  Festival Mall. Interesting taste, but I prefer bottled beer.

Another favorite of mine was Miller Genuine Draft, which was distributed by San Miguel back in the ’90s. Asia Brewery brought in  Budweiser.  Since it’s  “genuine draft beer” Miller was crisp  and very light,  like cold purified water with a kick. You end up drinking bottle after bottle until you can no longer stand.

When I was doing some work in Guangzhou, Tsingtao became my best friend. I love that waiters  bring in extra glasses with the 500 ml bottle. I wish I can tell them I can finish the bottle by myself.

My daughter introduced me to Brew Kettle. I was so surprised when I found out that it was a local brand.

When I started boxing and eating healthy I shifted to San Miguel Light,  because it has less calorie. Its probably true, but  of course on a glorious night, you’ll end up finishing several bottles.

My daughter also introduced to Brew Kettle, which I find very tasty. It became another  staple happy hour drink for awhile.

Flavorful without the heavy iron head feeling the next day.

My daughter also introduced me to try Stella Artois and its alright.  I was forced to order it once evening because while dining in  a popular restaurant in Makati, the waiter told us that they ran out of San Miguel beer.  Rather than move to another place, we opted for their “other beers”. Come to think it, this could be a ploy to get the “other beers” off the shelves.

Lately my husband and  I enjoy San Miguel Premium beer.  The all-malt brew with the crisp slightly bitter taste have captured our beer loving hearts. The drink is very filling though, you don’t get to eat much when you drink San Miguel Premium.

Love at first gulp. For a time I kept a list of bars that served it.

During my sister’s wedding in The Netherlands, eons and eons ago, I learned to enjoy Heineken beer. It tasted so good, and I kept a list of eating places around Manila that served imported Heineken beer.

Last year, I was so excited when I saw an entire display at 7-11, I wasted no time in buying a few bottles for the Christmas reunion. Unfortunately it was no longer as good as I expected it to be. But I will probably drink it once in a while.

My new favorite is Corona beer! Surprised? I wasn’t expecting to like it too. I remember trying it back in the 90s, and I don’t remember liking it. I re-discovered Corona when my husband and I visited his sisters in Sydney. My brother-in-law served us ice cold Corona, and I guess after a long 10 hour flight, cold beer is heaven.

I love Corona’s refreshing light taste, and more importantly bars in Manila are serving it!

I guess my love for beer will continue to evolve as the new formulations come in.

Cheers its Happy Hour time!






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