Joey G Magic Lives on!

The voice has not changed.

Listening to Joey Generoso  instantly brought the 90s, a time when live music entertained bar goers night after night after night. Popular bands not only  lorded the airwaves they performed before a jam-packed  crowd every week.

On stage at El Calle in Resorts World, the former lead singer of Side A, crooned as the crowd applauded like swooning  20-year-olds at Music Hall in Annapolis Greendhills. Back in the ‘90s the Side A band performed at Music Hall every Monday, until the lounge closed.

30 years

The Calle show served as a teaser to Joey’s 30th anniversary concert that weekend.    He joined Side A in 1982, and became the band’s lead singer for 25 years.  Amid the fame, jam-packed concerts and swooning fans, remained humble, humble hardworking and deeply committed to his passion for music. “Our manager then Wyngard Tracey, was very strict with us. Every tme we were late, we had to pay a fine,’ he said in one of his interviews.

The lead singer knew fame was temporary. On stage Joey always gave his best, and always focused on giving a good performance, which is why his audience never grew tired of watching him.

In 2016, Joey announced that he was leaving the band to become a solo performer, a bold move for an artist in his 50s.  Judging from his busy calendar his fans seem to agree with his brave career decision.

56 and loving it

Joey has no qualms telling the world his real age.  “I think when you’re happy and fulfilled and you reach that age, you’re no longer shy to admit it,’ the singer said during his recent press conference. He did say he is still overwhelmed by all the opportunities coming his way ever since he went solo.


Singing the soundtrack of the 90s soul

OPM and cool 90s hits

For his show at El Calle, Joey brought back memories with his rendition of mellow  hits and OPM favourites.

Before he was called on stage the hosts asked if there were Gen –xers in the audience, since the  repertoire is the “soundtrack of the ‘90s soul”. We, the forever teeners at heart, were too shy to raise our hands… at first. But once Joey started performing, the show became a karaoke  session with the girls happily singing in between beer gulps.


Hopeless romantics will never get tired of  Joey G

The magic continues

No doubt, only his soothing melodious tones brought  back the heart-wrenching  magic of  lounge favourites  like “Sailing,”  “Make it with you” and “Foolish Heart.

But the highlight of the evening was the  “OPM Medley”.   “Naku alam na alam niyo ‘to I am sure” he said before strumming the first few bars of the Ric Segretto hit “Loving You”. The audience was so thrilled to sing Raymond Lauchengco’s “ So It’s you” and Sharon Cuneta’s “ To Love Again” with Joey G.

Since it was a free show, (I should remember to check the weekly El Calle Session) the event was short and sweet. He capped the evening with the Side  A hits “Forevermore,” and “Set You Free”. What a memorable night!

The performer has an active Face Book page.  Like his page so you would know where to catch him. I never got tired of watching Side A every week in the 90s. I will make sure to watch Joey G’s  shows when I can.

Joey G’s El Calle Session was broadcast live over 103.5 K-Lite. Watch the entire video here. 

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