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Insomniac? Let go of your fears! Tonsilities? Express your emotions! Cancer? Release your resentments! Believe it or not, illnesses begin in the mind.

Our mind has the power to control circumstances in our lives. For those who believe in the “law of attraction,” this is nothing new.

Just like any in life that starts as an idea, illness begins with a thought. Long before you felt pain or any physical disorder some process has been taking place in your subconscious mind which eventually led to some discomfort like migraine or  stomach ache.

If we think of a something often enough, then a pattern is created. Now these patterns are so string they can create the physical conditions that support our thoughts.

Sick Teddy
Negative emotions are linked to health problems

I am sure this has happened to you, you were thinking of a person and suddenly that person calls or shows up in your office. Or you were craving for chocolate or pizza, and suddenly a friend sends you one.

Amazing, right? Especially, if you are thinking of nice, happy thoughts! Unfortunately not all ideas that enter our mind are fun and happy.

In Louise Hay’s book entitled “You Can Heal Your Life,”  the author explained  that  four main feelings that cause problems in our bodies are resentment, criticism, guilt and fear.

Our thoughts are attached to certain feelings. For example the thought of winning the lottery will definitely sends a positive vibes in your heart. But what about a painful experience? What kind of feeling does it give?

Positive thoughts  yield   positive outcomes. When you think of your favorite food, or listen to a nice song you can feel the joy in your heart. But when you remember a hurtful experience, you feel the pain all over again.

Research suggests that negative emotions are linked to serious health problems

Feelings of resentment  brings cancer. If you are always criticizing then  it manifest in your body in the form of arthritis. If you are  constantly experiencing tension and fear then you can lose your hair or suffer from ulcers.

Are you insomniac? Try trusting process of life and stop feeling guilty!

If  illnesses are caused by negative thoughts and feelings then the solution is simple. We simply have to change our thoughts, and remove all the negativity from our lives.

Author Louise Hay has helped a lot of “patients” recover from various diseases, by teaching them to change their thought patterns.  Of course the process does not happen over  night. Remember you have been running these thoughts in your mind for weeks and months, it will take a lot of work to re-channel your energies towards the positive. But nothing is impossible, especially if you are determined to heal yourself

If you are interested in reading Louise Hay’s book, click download her book here.


Are you always affected by negative thoughts? Control it while you can or you might end up in the hospital.

Check out the physical illness associated with  hurtful ideas.

Asthma – feeling Stifled, suppressed crying

High blood Pressure – long standing, unsolved problem

Cancer -deep hurt, secret or grief

Constipation – refusing to release old ideas, stuck in the past

Fatigue – resistance, boredom, lack of love for what one does

Headache – self-criticism/ fear

Fear, not trusting the process of life, guilt  -insomnia



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