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The famous P50 Sisig in Rada st.

Ever since I started working in Makati, my friends have been telling me about Sisig  Rada. A  Jolli Jeep stall in Rada street is known for its Sisig,  a popular Kapampangan pork dish made from parts of the pig’s head and liver.

I managed to locate the Jolli Jeep stall.  All I had to do is follow the aroma of  fried  pork  and choose the jeep with the longest queue.  Office workers line up as early 10 am just to enjoy a filling sisig and rice meal for lunch.

For those who work in Makati, Jolli Jeep stalls are heaven sent.  The food is delicious  freshly cooked and reasonably-priced (a typical rice and meat meal costs P50).  You can take out and eat on your desk, or you can eat standing up at the jolly jeep stall. The latter is actually deadly. As per the advice of my friends. With the day’s dishes all displayed, you might end up eating everything in sight.

Since my workplace is at Rada st.  I would often pass the sisig stall and its long line of followers. I have been wanting to try it, but I get discouraged every time I see the waiting crowd. Which means  If I really want to have sisig for lunch I need to leave my desk before my official lunch break.  So much hassle right?

Besides I developed a certain fondness for the food at Jolli Jeep stall #3 ( I will blog about it soon) . The popular sisig is served at Jolli Jeep stall #4.

People line up as early as 10 am for the sisig.
The famous sisig
Crunchy , tasty and worth the wait.

But then if people are willing to wait, then it must be really good right? I remember approaching the counter once, to inquire how long will it take them to cook my sisig if I ordered, and the attendant advised me to send a text message to reserve so that I don’t have to wait. By the way I had to ignore the accusing look of the people in line, as I was doing this. As they say,  never mess  with the hungry.

I checked online and was amazed by the positive reviews. They even have  a contact number in case I wish to reserve.

Determined to finally savor their food, I sent a text message to inquire. Within five minutes I received a confirmation message plus a run down of the day’s menu.

Opo. Eto Menu:

Pritong liempo..50



Porkchop steak..50


Tapa baka..50

Nilaga baka..50

Chicken affritada..50


Gatang langka..25

Sarciado dalaga bukid..50

Prito gg..40

Daing n gg..35


I was told that my reservation number was 2. I ask what is the best time for me to pick-up my meal, and they said I can get it anytime.

By lunch time I happily went straight to Jolly Jeep #3 to claim my  sisig.  I had to buy rice, paper plate and plastic spoon and fork, all in all I paid P65.

Not bad for something so  tasty and crunchy. The sisig is mixed with egg and mayo, similar to how restaurants prepare it,  but only costs P50.

The sisig  goes so well with rice. Thank God I decided to eat it in my office or else I will end uploading up on “extra rice”.

If you work in Makati you can reserve your sisig by texting 09178229630.

Definitely worth the wait.

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