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“Ang Huling El Bimbo” will leave you speechless

Ang Huling El Bimbo” the much awaited musical featuring the songs of the “Iconic” 90s band, had a dress tech cum preview and as expected it touched the hearts of music lovers who obviously missed Ely Buendia and his gang mates.

The musical came at the right time, for there way no way for E-heads fans to ever see their favorite band perform live. And so like love struck beings left in the cold, they hang on to anything that will keep the band’s memory alive.

For starters “Ang Huling El Bimbo” is definitely a nostalgic trip. The first few bars of hits like “With A Smile,” “Pare Ko” will instantly bring you back to the 90s. For the diehard it would mean  remembering E-head’s “Circus” album launch the UP Sunken garden. Groupies had to buy “Circus” on cassette  to be allowed entry. At that time CDs were for the rich.

Gian Magdangal,  Jon Santos, OJ Mariano and Menchu Lauchengco


Non-followers who will watch “Huling El Bimbo” will find themselves going on an E-heads Youtube binge thanks to the ringing involuntary LSS (Last Song Syndrome).

Each line in every E-heads song tugs the heart, and seeing it unfold onstage is close to magical.

Here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the much-talked about musical.

  1. The Music

We cannot over emphasize the rich poetry that weaves through the comforting tunes of every hit. If you loved Ely Buendia’s honest rendition, and the band’s raspy but charismatic sound you will love the show even more as it is interpreted by the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra. The clear diction and full voices of performers like OJ Mariano Tanya Manalang, Gian Magdangal, are not only flawless interpretations, but even ushers  a  new dimension. From what was once just music and lyrics of “Pare Ko”   now includes characters, people, emotions and more importantly, life.


  1. UP Diliman

E-heads music is universal, but there was so much attributions to the student life in UP Diliman (Kalayaan Dorm, Casa A, CMT and the like). If you were once a Diliman student, there are scenes in the play that will bring back those simple yet meaningful encounters and you can’t help but compare it to the present times when students are obsessed with their smart phones.

  1. Humor

The Eraserheads are known for their humor, in fact they didn’t seem to take things seriously. It was such a challenge to interview them, because you cannot get a decent reply. Well the play has tons of humor, although we are not saying all the jokes are funny. But the audience will have their dose of laughter, along with the good music.

  1. Suspense

It is definitely not your typical musical, where lovers burst into song.  Let’s just say the twist and turns will keep you guessing. It’s almost like reading a graphic novel, every scene has so much color, movement and excitement.

  1. Truth

The emotions are real. There is so much truth in their pain. How a single incident in your teens can leave you scarred for life.  And what could be more plausible, than the absence of a happily ever after.

Tanya Manalang and Reb Atadero
  1. Actors

Every person onstage was in their element. It was as if  they too, were  E-heads fans. It seemed as if they were so honored to part of this whole phenomena.

If you loved OJ Mariano in “Rak of Aegies”  you will worship him even more in “Ang Huling El Bimbo.” It is always a pleasure to watch Tanya Manalang.  How all that energy can come from such a petite frame is really amazing. Every actor onstage from the principal characters to the ensemble was fantastic. And if I may say, Jon Santos is love!

  1. OPM

The fact that it features OPM from beginning to end, should motivate us to give it ample support. Please watch it guys! It is worth it!

Theater critics will definitely cite some loose ends in the material. But if you miss listening to E-heads, this play will do for now.

Buy their playbill and bring back your student days.  It resembles a school annual.



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