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Looking for Mr. Right? You’ve got it all wrong!

In the first place you don’t go out and look

Mr. Right is not some lost object that have to be located. He is not your car keys, mobile phone or an ATM machine that seem to be nowhere in sight when you need them most.

Remember you have a full, productive life even without his presence. The flowers, the dates, the weekends together are magical and everybody deserves to be happy. But that doesn’t mean the world will stop, because you end up dining alone most of the time.

Instead of searching…strive to be the best “me”


Most self-help books will tell you to “fall in love with yourself,” And if you haven’t experienced this, it’s high time that you do. Achievers were once ordinary beings like you and me.

But while we were busy having fun, they spent time and energy developing their passion, sharpening their skills and learning from their challenges.

Women like Oprah Winfrey did not sit at home  wondering if the guy she met at the bar will text her today. Long before she became one the world’s richest women, she probably spent her morning going to auditions, getting tips from successful hosts she kep t her hands full working on her craft. The world isn’t about you and your love life, it’s all about your contribution to  its fullness.

Instead of worrying about some guy, keep busy.

Focus on your work. Are you up for promotion? Then you should be working double time. Execute your tasks as if your life depends on it. Make an effort to understand your industry. Read about competitors, and on your spare time, you might want to make friends with people at work.

Are you fit and healthy? You might want to join a running club, or work out in the gym. Do you like music, painting, scrap booking? It would be nice to make time for tasks that interests you.

Be ready for life’s surprises.

Mr. Right

I know someone who practically gave up on love. After having one failed relationship after another, she threw her hands up in the air and said “I’m done.” And so she focused on her business an online travel site. She spent time analyzing how to improve it. She took short courses, got herself a mentor, and she gave her 100 per cent attention to her online. Naturally it grew and pretty soon, she had her own network of suppliers and was often invited to to speak conferences  where she met equally successful entrepreneurs. One evening she found herself seated beside a finance analyst who was much, much older than her, but funny and armed with a wealth of experience. Nope they did not end up together, but guess what? It turns out the analyst has son, who happens to be single.  When you are busy achieving your dream be ready for life’s  interesting surprises!

Discover your interests.

Live a full life. One day in the midst of all your activities you might unexpectedly meet someone. You’ve heard stories of love from the most unexpected circumstances. Well more often than not, these women were preoccupied with some productive endeavor when Mr. Right came into view.

Besides men like women who have a mind of their own.

Do you sit and wait? Not at all

You know how it is. The more you wait for something, the longer it takes. Enjoy life, and its surprises. You do not wait, but know in your heart, that just like any business deal, it will come at the perfect time. Meanwhile, go and be an achiever.

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