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Lawyer, Life Coach and Preacher in “InsaniThink” a comedy show on Sept. 20 8pm at Teatrino

One evening I found myself in the company of an interesting trio composed of a lawyer, a life coach and a pastor. No we weren’t talking about taking over the world, although that wasn’t impossible, considering how their minds work.

The three “professionals” are about to stage a show. Believe or not  Atty. Edward Chico, Life Coach Michelle Defensor and Pastor Ruther Urquia are all stand-up comedians and are set to conquer the stage in the comedy show “Insanithink” Sept. 20, 8pm  at Teatrino.

All three hold interesting and serious day jobs. Pastor Ruther is an active member of  their religious congregation, Atty. Edward is a practicing lawyer and Coach Michelle runs Motiv8 a professional training company. It is interesting to note that in between the demands of their chosen profession these gifted individuals can make people laugh.

Insanithink Photo # 2.jpg
Atty. Edward Chico, Life Coach Michelle Defensor and Pastor Ruther Urquia

I never thought I would be laughing so hard while listening to a preacher.  Pastor Ruther can actually turn the bible into a light reading material when he starts talking Abraham, Isaac, Adam and Eve  and other interesting biblical characters.

In one of his posts he talked about the difficulties of grasping the female mind. “Pag tiningnan nyo sa order of creation, kelan ginawa si Eve? Last di ba! Kasi kung inuna siya ni Lord hanggang ngayon hindi pa tapos and creation papakialaman ni Eve lahat yan…… Ssasabihin ni Lord, gagawa ako ng garden lalagyan ko ng trees kulay green, sasabihin ni Eve ay God gawin mong pink maganda yung pink…”.

Atty . Edward is a regular fixture in news programs. He is often invited to share his views on various political issues. Yes, he looks serious on television, but the minute he releases his crazy side he becomes an entirely different being. “In one of his acts he explain that anger is like a tight bra,  “hangga’t hindi mo niluluwagan, masikip sa dibdib,” he said.

Life coach Michelle Defensor (my lovely cousin) discovered her knack for comedy while working as a professional trainer. Her unique way of talking about the daily challenges of a single mom easily drove her audience nuts. Her Mumshie act made its television debut in “Showtime” when she joined “Funny One” the noon time show’s contest for comedians.  Although she did not win, her experience was most memorable.  In one of her show’s she delivered a most memorable tagline for single moms.

Para sa paulit-ulit na niloko, inutanagan, tinapaktapakan, pinaramdam na walang kwenta, vinerbal abuse, inemotional abuse… at nagmahal pa din. Yun po a totoong pagmamahal.”


Here is Mumshie in one of her gigs:



Watch all three in “Insanithink” on Sept. 20 8pm at Teatrino.



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