Be a Mega Prime Savvy Mom!

It’s summer! School is done, and kids have all the time in world to play and do whatever they please. Yes! The little ones certainly need a break from their school activities, and while they need to enjoy their short break, it is important to come up with significant endeavors so they do not spend long hours glued to their phones and gadgets. 

Moms can make the most out of the summer break by coming up with interesting bonding activities, that can challenge their kids to use their creative energies. 

Mega Prime recently invited Moms and kids to the Prime Mom Workshop, a fun exchange of ideas on how to make the summer extra fun and educational. Participants were treated to a cooking demo, workshop and fun talks with Mom experts.

The event was facilitated by pre-school teacher Celine Cornejo, who is known for her learning through play approach.  Teacher Celine is also an events and party host teacher and she believes in imparting knowledge through fun activities. During the work shop Moms and kids were treated to an interactive story telling session with music and happy movements.

Participants also learned how to prepare tasty snacks like Overnight Oats and Mocha Jelly, using Mega Prime products like Whole Kernel Corn and Nata de Coco. 

Preparing treats with Mega Prime Corne Kernels and Nata de Coco is super easy!

The workshop is just one of the many activities of the Prime Mom Club, Mega Prime’s platform for helping mothers reach their prime potential giving their families the best attention ever.

From selecting the right meals, to practical kitchen tips the Prime Mom Club is a community of savvy moms-on-the go. The website carries recipes, online discussions and interesting articles for Moms.

VP for Sales and Marketing Marvin Tiu VP for Sales and Marketing, Senior Brand Manager Raymund Alegre with Teacher Celine and the contest winners

“We want an exclusive group for Moms, where they can converge, share ideas and learn together. Our goal is to have members who are well-rounded and kitchen savvy. It is not just about cooking, although for Momsna hindi marunong maglulutomatututo sila saPrime Mom Club. But we also have discussions about starting a business, parenting, topics that go  beyond the kitchen,” explains Raymond Alegre, Senior Brand Manager.

He added that today’s Moms face a different kind of challenge. “They have different needs and wants. In the past, Moms would just stay home, they had all the time to prepare meals. Nowadays Moms are on the go. They balance work with family life and yet they still actively look after their families. They want fast easy meals, pero masarap pa din,” he said. 

Fun gathering of Moms and kids

He added the Mega Prime products come in easy open cans, to make cooking fast and convenient. The also come up with innovative recipes. “What important is that they prepare something good. Our recipes are very easy, it just takes 4 or 5 steps, and the ingredients are easy to fine.” 

The bonding moments was beautifully captured by Nice Print photographers, and guests all went home with beautifully framed photos from the event. 

Moms who wish to be part of the club can join for free. Simply log on to https://primemomclub.com

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