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To Die For: Decadent Cheese Wheel Pasta at Resorts World

No longer hidden in the stock room, cheese wheels are rolling out from the kitchen and into the dining area for the decadent preparation of the Cheese Wheel Pasta. 

The ultimate indulgence for cheese and pasta lovers, the wheel is sliced, chipped and scraped to make a bowl. Freshly cooked pasta is thrown and mixed inside the wheel.

The highlight of the theatrical preparation is watching the cheese melt before your eyes as it wraps itself around the fresh hot fettucine noodle. The sides are torched to further induce melting thereby locking the rich creaminess of the pasta dish.

Heating cheese with freshly cooked pasta, is an age-old technique known as dalla forma. But they whole idea of tossing and mixing it inside a hollow cheese wheel was a fairly recent development.


Are you drooling? Head for Café Maxim’s in Resorts World Manila and give in to the heavenly indulgence. 

The fettucine rolled in hot parmesan topped with pesto sauce and truffle perfume is served plain or with chicken or salmon fillet. This glorious treat comes a glass of white wine.


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