SM #VoteForMom presents YouTube Fanfest Moms Edition

May is the month of the mother. It is the time to honor the woman who raised us from day one and show her how much she means to us. Every year, SM Supermalls makes this May extra special for moms with treats, promos, and gifts to delight. With this Mother’s Day just a day before the mid-term elections, however, we’re reminded to choose the ones who put us first.

At an event graced by supermoms Vicky Belo and Mikaela Lagdameo, we are reminded of how important moms are. Vicky, the Belo Medical Group CEO shares, “I talk to the moms I work with and they do so many things. After work, they drive home, cook dinner, take care of their families, and they make it look so easy because they do it so naturally.” Online personality and successful entrepreneur, Mikaela, adds, “I find it amazing that now, moms are also able to take care of themselves. When moms are happy, that trickles down to their whole family, which makes them even better moms.” 

The afternoon was truly a heartfelt one as guests shared stories about their own supermoms. Tears were shed even shed after viewing SM Supermalls’ Mother’s Day video. Baby Bato, who portrayed the caring mother in the story, opines, “moms will never stop taking care of their kids, no matter how old they get.” These amazing women truly show that, while they may be industry leaders and boss ladies, their favorite role is still being a mother. 

Our moms have always chosen us before themselves. This May, we turn the tables as we #VoteForMom. It’s our time to put mom first and make her feel as loved as she did us. Drop by SM Supermalls nationwide to show her just how much she means to you.

Treat her to a nice dinner

A celebration calls for unforgettable meals. Dine out with mom to get special deals with Mom’s Treat. 

Buy her something nice 

Make sure she remembers this Mother’s Day forever with a gift bought just for her. Check out Mom’s Corner for gift ideas she’ll definitely love. 

Pamper her 

Plan out a relaxing spa or makeover date with mom–you know she deserves the Mom’s Day Out wellness treats! 

Take over her errands 

Let her kick back and relax as you take care of her to-do list this month. Do the groceries at SM Hypermarket, pay the bills at The SM Store Customer Service counters, and even do the laundry. When you’re done, we’re sure you’ll appreciate her hard work even more. 

Thank God for her 

Hear mass with Mom so she can get a Special Blessing.. Afterwards, cap off the day by showing her some love online. Post a photo of your mom on the #VoteForMom promo post on the SM Supermalls Facebook pageor send an e-card via the QR code posted on the SM Supermalls websitefor a chance to win Php 5,000 worth of SM gift certificates. 

Influencer Mom 

Extend the Mother’s Day fun on May 17-18 at the YouTube FanFest Moms Edition

Is your Mom active on Facebook? Does she like posting events, giving comments and creating videos of her travels? She could be the next online superstar! 

Bring your Mom to the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall, so she can attend the fun workshops with Judy Travis, Andi Manzano Reyes, Bianca Gonzalez, Fun Fyn Tyang Amy and many more. 

Have fun learning about motherhood in the digital age, straight from the experiences of well-loved Moms. Take part in the interactive exhibits and workshops on wellness, education, life balance, culinary and fashion. The guest line up also includes the popular mother and daughter team of Haidee and Hazel, and to beauty and lifestyle influencers Crisha Uy and Lyqa Maravilla. Guests will also be treated to a fun session with the fitness gurus of Live Love Party. 

YouTube Fanfest Moms Edition is open to the public. For more details visit www.youtubefanfest.com

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