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Moms, are you having a terrible day? Get your vibe back with an Oxygen Facial

Moms, are you having a terrible day? Do you feel tired and ugly? 

Dr. Em Sevilla’s Oxygen Hydration Therapy is the perfect pick-me-up. 

Stressful days are not good for the skin. Our swinging moods can lead to wrinkles and other unflattering skin conditions. Too much sunlight, dust and daily make-up can also make skin look dry and dull.   

Get your vibe back on track with an oxygen facial therapy at Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics

Dr. Em believes in non-invasive beauty and wellness treatments

Dr. Em Sevilla is the medical director and owner of Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics. The spa-like center specializes in total beauty and wellness through non-invasive treatments.

Look and feel good instantly.

Vine’s oxygen facial can instantly give your skin (and mood) the much-needed boost to brighten your day. 

Cool air with vitamins is sprayed directly on the pores.

Hollywood stars prioritize the treatment especially before an important public appearance because it can clear up the skin in a matter of minutes. In fact, Madonna swears by its benefits.  

Imagine the gentle spray of cold air, entering your pores. No matter how stressed you may be, the refreshing cool breeze easily sends your body in a meditative state. Your stress buttons have been defeated and you do not desire to do anything else but to sleep and relax.

The treatment nourishes skin and promotes collagen growth because the moisturizer sprayed on the skin contains vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients and botanical extracts.

Aside from the refreshing feeling check out the key benefits of the oxygen facial. 

Collagen growth 

Collagen is the source of the skin’s strength and elasticity. A healthy amount of collagen means less wrinkles with a youthful glow.


The oxygen and nutrients protects the skin from harmful pollution, sun exposure and while repairing skin cells. 

Cell Regeneration 

Oxygen hastens the growth of new skin cells while healing scars from pimples and acne.

Moisturizes skin 

Dust, sun and pollution can lead to dry skin. Oxygen provides the much-needed moisture while restoring its natural pH balance. 

It is recommended to have an Oxygen therapy after a facial cleaning treatment. 

Go ahead Moms, you deserve to be pampered. 

.Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics is located at Grand Hampton Tower 2, at BGC and at Golden Phoenix Hotel, Sunrise Drive near Mall of Asia. 

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