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Curves, a business that understands women!


Maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle is a challenge especially for busy women. Apart from the availability of foods and snacks that are high in fat and cholesterol, it is so difficult to find the right exercise that will fit into our crazy schedule.

And while there may be a gym or fitness center at every corner, you may just lose your motivation after seeing those young gym goers with flat abs and trimmed arms.

Female fitness

As early as 1992 Curves Founders Gary and Diane Heavin (Harlingen, Texas) knew that women’s fitness needs are extra special. Apart from their delicate form, the routine must target specific muscle groups in order to gain strength and flexibility as they advance in years.

Supportive community

Women are more likely to stick to their fitness goals when they are part of a supportive community. Being with like minded individuals boosts confidence in the workout. With them not having to worry about “looking good” in the circuit, we can definitely concentrate on getting the sweat out. While some may be too shy to work out with people they barely know, the supportive community at Curves ensures that you always give your best when you workout.

Flexible schedule

Women are constantly challenged to balance their career requirements with their duties at home. That’s why a fitness routine with a flexible schedule is a must. An effective 30 minute workout that easily fits into your schedule is all you need!

Curves 30-minute routine

Curves is known worldwide for its 30- minute workout program, perfect for today’s modern women. Just commit to work out 3 times a week to get results.

The Curves signature work out is anchored on circuit training, 30 minute intervals on the Curves patented machines and recovery boards, working in a circle. It combines strength with cardiovascular training and utilizes hydraulic resistance equipment to achieve desired results.

Curves members are guided by a coach every time they workout on the circuit.  And to add excitement to the work out, specialty classes are also available, like Curves Circuit with Zumba and Kickboxing by Curves.

Members undergo regular progress check, as well as nutritional advice to help them achieve their fitness goals in no time.  We check and monitor your results monthly, making sure that you are moving towards that goal.


                                Jackie Peredo

“Curves is a safe and comfortable  environment for women to work out. Our unofficial motto is ‘No men, no makeup, no mirrors’. Women do not need to feel self-conscious. You can be in any shape or form, no one will judge you, after all we are all in Curves, working out together, because we believe that fitness is a lifestyle. Staying healthy is a choice you make for life” explains Jackie Peredo, of Curves Philippines.

Prior to owning the brand’s local license Jackie worked the corporate world. In search of an activity that will help her stay fit, a friend invited her to Curves. “When I first saw the circuit, I was immediately amazed and thought that I can totally do this, it is such simple workout concept. I was hooked! Sooner than later, I realized this is a really good business for women. With Curves, I found my passion. I totally quit my job and focused my effort in spreading Curves to more women in the Philippines.”

Own a Curves outlet


Jackie is inviting entrepreneurs who are interested in owning a business that focuses on uplifting women through fitness.  “With Curves, I am not only fulfilling my dream of owning a business, I am helping women lead healthy lives. By helping them with their fitness goals, we actually improve all aspects of their lives. I want to share this rare opportunity with others, a fulfilling business where my passion is my paycheck.

Curves Philippines is currently looking for franchisees who are passionate about uplifting women’s lives. Interested parties can log on to

Curves has outlets in Eastwood Quezon City, Edsa Shangri-La Plaza Mandaluyong, Century City Makati, The Magnolia Residences New Manila and Paseo de Sta Rosa in Laguna.

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