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Fitness is Fun at Curves, Century Mall

I love to work out. Unlike others people who are too lazy to move, I have no problem waking up early for a barre 3 class or walking to the gym after work to meet my boxing coach. When I started earning, my first “treat” would always be a gym membership or paying for an exercise class. 

I love any form of physical activity. I love dancing. I have two left feet, but I still but I still dance, no matter funny I look. I will forever be grateful to whoever started group exercises like zumba, or cardio hip-hop, because it gave me an opportunity to dance my heart out, without worrying about what people might say.

I always find time for a regular physical activity. I walk 2 kilometers to work every day. I love feeling light and limber a day after a good work out. 


The first sports activity that took over my life was boxing, which started back in year 2000. It was tough in the beginning, but once I got the hang of it, it was like a drug –I just had to do it regularly. Whenever I would move residences or change jobs, I would always look for a nearby boxing gym.

After years of “fun’ and “enjoyable” boxing I heard a crack on my shoulders. I was followed by pain. The  bone cracking sound did not stop and was very alarming. I went to see an Orthopedic specialist and I was advised to go on rehab to heal my shoulders. No boxing for months until full recovery. 

Thinking that I have fully recovered after several years, I started boxing again two years ago. Since I did not want another shoulder injury, I shifted to kick boxing. I limited my boxing to once a week, for my second exercise I joined circuit exercise group. 

 Circuit was fun because of the whole challenge of completing all the exercises. We would all meet our coach in the park and we did different routines every week. It was very interesting, because our coach would happily explain how each routine strengthen certain muscle groups. I really felt I was getting stronger and my running time kept on improving every week. 

But just as I was getting the hang of it, guess what happened? I got injured again, this time it’s my wrist bone. I have a feeling I got it from boxing. Anyway, I needed to go into rehab again, and was advised to stop all kinds of physical activity. I wasn’t happy, but the “gym rest”  came at the right time, since we were scheduled to travel that weekend.

With my body fully conditioned for regular physical activity, I was aching to exercise by the time I got back. Definitely nothing strenuous like boxing, I had to be something fun, or else I will not be motivated to do it on a regular basis.

30 minute Circuit at Curves

I remember meeting Jackie Peredo of Curves Gym, a couple of years back. Curves is known worldwide for its 30-minute Circuit exercise program. Combining strength and  cardiovascular training, the routine is perfect for today’s busy women. 

This is the real me -massive, which is expected at my age. But since I work out in a place that respects the changes in a female’s body, I feel safe and secure.

“Each routine targets specific muscle groups so that women gain strength and flexibility,” Jackie explained. The exercise is performed using hydraulic resistance equipment, with cardio vascular exercises in between. 

Curves is exclusive to women, of every age, shape and size. No need to be conscious about your “unusual” body type. At least for a few minutes you are  with your ‘sisters’ who just like you, aspire to be healthy and fit.  Members are guided by a coach every time they do their exercise. Other gyms have additional charges, should you wish for a coach to help you out. 

I enjoy doing circuit exercises because it’s high intensity. You do not have time to get bored, since you are too busy executing the right movements within the allotted time. You actually do a complete body work out within 30 minutes. I used to think I have to work out for hours and sweat like crazy in order to fully reap its benefits. At Curves, a 30-minutes session at least three times a week gives the right amount of strength and cardio training. 

Curves is known to be the most extensively studied and scientifically validated exercise and weight-loss program in the world. Millions of dollars were invested to develop the exercise and weight program that is currently helping women stay fit and healthy.  

And since everything is members undergo regular progress check, as well as nutritional advice to help them achieve their fitness goals in no time.  We check and monitor your results monthly, making sure that you are moving towards that goal.

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