Healthy Me

Call me weird, but I love my sculpt, well- defined arms!

Did you ever choose a nerdy knitted sweater over a haltered top, just because you think your arms are too big? Do you drown yourself with envy, every time you see those pretty young things, happily showing off their thin arms? Well we all have our “unique” traits, otherwise we would all be strutting down the ramp, flaunting our perfect looks. However that does not mean, we will miss out on the things we love, like those fun and flowing sundresses with spaghetti straps, or yes my uber favorite halter tops.

I dress for comfort and I love sleeveless tops

I am probably an unusual being, because I just happen to love my arms. I mean call me narcissistic, but I just love the way it looks. Plus the fact that I love to dress in comfort, and if I can help it, I wouldn’t want sleeves to cover them all the time.

My arms are not perfect. At one point they were big and flabby especially when I don those cool summer tops, while at the beach.

Yes, there was a time I couldn’t stand them, in the same way I couldn’t stand all my other flabs. But I love the freedom of sleeveless tops, and so I learned to love my arms in whatever shape or form. 

I noticed the change in my arms, when I started boxing. All that arm movements can definitely lead to some shoulder  and arm definition. I even read that in time, you can actually have sexy upper body if you are consistent with your boxing exercises. 

Its a fabulous photo with my friends, but I can’t help but admire my arms.

When I switched to circuit exercise at Curves Century Mall, the routine included lots upper body exercises like the  bicep and tricep exercises – alternating pull-up and pull down arm exercises. I also do chest and back exercises. 

Thanks to my circuit routine my arms are toned

Lately I felt the unusual firmness when I move my arms. Before I felt like a bird wings. Moreover when I looked at my photos I see sculpt and definition on my arms, I feel like an athlete. I am so thrilled. 

Regular exercise can be a challenge, but if I want to have toned arms, I have to commit.

And so on those days, when I am so lazy to work out, I will just think of my arms. If I want my arms to remain firm, then I have to commit to my regular exercise routine at Curves.

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