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Hot and Sexy Superbods Winners

With strict physical distancing and probably topped  with non-stop disinfection and temperature check behind the scenes  (I can only imagine)  Century Tuna was able to successfully mount the Superbods final competition without a hitch. 

Watching a live competition after months of lockdown and quarantine, proved to be a very interesting experience. Fast-paced, and very high energy, the host and contestant were never on the same frame, yet managed to keep the Facebook audience engaged. 

The well-received FB event is a clear indication that the events and production practitioners are successfully pivoting within the limis of the new normal. 

During the  virtual press conference that followed the event Greg Banzon, COO of Century Pacific Food, explained that staging of the “Century Superbods Finals” was a  tough decision to make, since most major events like the  Olympics or the NBA games have been cancelled. 

We took a hard look at the situation. We knew that we needed to adapt and to prove  that despite the challenge, we will rise up and live up to the name. Superbods di ba, hindi kami papatalo.” 

Health has been at the forefront of our ongoing global battle. For most of us having a sound body and mind is the only weapon against the invisible enemy. And what better way to inspire others to keep strong, than to feast on bodies with strong abs, well-sculpted muscles and utmost firmness in all places.  

This year’s hashtag is ‘StayStrong Pilipinas’ an aggressive shout out to prioritize health. Of course should we wish to look as good as the contestants then we should we should have enough discipline to diet and exercise. 

This year’s winners are both named “Sam” — Samantha Ashley Lo and Sam Adjani. During the question and answer segment Samantha was asked how social media influences the body image of today’s youth. While the power of social media cannot be denied,  Samantha emphasized the importance of  “self-love.” 

“I was always told something is always wrong with me. My body  is not this way be this way or I walk in this certain way. I realized that I shouldn’t listen to those people. I found people who will did love me  and cherish me for who I am and all the flaws that I have. When I post on social media about body image, I always post about loving yourself, to be patient with yourself to embrace every flaw that you have.”   

The other winning Sam is Sam Adjani. During the question and answer question segment he was asked about his biggest challenge during the competition. He shared  that the limitations of the lockdown and the quarantine proved to be an eye opener. “There were so many restrictions but I learned to adapt. I created my own environment that enabled me to grow. Yes. It was a struggle, but I also learned what I am capable of doing.” 

The contestants were judged according to their physique, personality, their transformation story, advocacy and social impact. Aside from living a healthy and fit lifestyle, the winner must be socially aware and an advocacy of health and wellness causes. 

Both winners won in several beauty pageants in the past. Samantha Lo was crowned Bb. Pilipinas Grand International  in 2019 and Sam Adjani was the country’s representative to the 2016 Mr. World Pageant.  

The “Century Tuna Superbods Finals”  will be televised on GMA on September 27 at 10:00 am.

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