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Hot and Sexy Superbods Winners

With strict physical distancing and probably topped  with non-stop disinfection and temperature check behind the scenes  (I can only imagine)  Century Tuna was able to successfully mount the Superbods final competition without a hitch.  Watching a live competition after months of lockdown and quarantine, proved to be a very interesting experience. Fast-paced, and very high energy, the host… Continue reading Hot and Sexy Superbods Winners

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Relax…. pandemic anxiety is real

I am writing this on Easter Sunday right after streaming today’s mass. In the past I would annoyingly always remind everyone, that Easter must be meaningfully celebrated like Christmas. I seriously planned out my holy week activities. I would make sure to have a green branch for Palm Sunday which would replace the dry branch… Continue reading Relax…. pandemic anxiety is real

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Call me weird, but I love my sculpt, well- defined arms!

Did you ever choose a nerdy knitted sweater over a haltered top, just because you think your arms are too big? Do you drown yourself with envy, every time you see those pretty young things, happily showing off their thin arms? Well we all have our “unique” traits, otherwise we would all be strutting down… Continue reading Call me weird, but I love my sculpt, well- defined arms!

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All is well in Townswell … Macau

Check out our nice hotel! When we were planning my birthday trip to Macau, I spent hours and hours looking for the “right” hotel room. By “right” I mean it must be reasonably priced, accessible, clean and comfortable.  Initially, I was thinking of going for the popular budget brands like Holiday Inn, Days Inn and… Continue reading All is well in Townswell … Macau

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Peculiar and stylish eye protection

Choosing the right eyewear is like shopping for a new outfit or fashion accessory. You try on several pieces, because you are looking for the frame that matches your style and personality. Nowadays, you can even change eyewear depending on your OOTD. Good thing there are eyewear brands like Peculiar & Odd that allows versatility… Continue reading Peculiar and stylish eye protection

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Curves, a business that understands women!

Maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle is a challenge especially for busy women. Apart from the availability of foods and snacks that are high in fat and cholesterol, it is so difficult to find the right exercise that will fit into our crazy schedule. And while there may be a gym or fitness center at… Continue reading Curves, a business that understands women!

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A Single Mom’s driving force

I am very inch an independent being. I know what I want, and I strive to possess what I deserve.  When you are a single mom, you learn to rely on no one but yourself. You become a strong fortress that offers protection in case of a storm. Among your friends, you are probably the… Continue reading A Single Mom’s driving force

Holiday Fun

Let’s treat Dad to brunch at Discovery Tagaytay

Time to appreciate Dad! Moms, isn’t it time we pamper that special man in our lives? How about taking Dad to a relaxing weekend in Tagaytay?  Restaurant Verbena, at Discovery Country Suites offers a brunch buffet to celebrate Father’s Day.  Lets give Dad some country style pampering! In partnership with Agathon Trading the brunch buffet… Continue reading Let’s treat Dad to brunch at Discovery Tagaytay

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Moms, are you having a terrible day? Get your vibe back with an Oxygen Facial

Moms, are you having a terrible day? Do you feel tired and ugly?  Dr. Em Sevilla’s Oxygen Hydration Therapy is the perfect pick-me-up.  Stressful days are not good for the skin. Our swinging moods can lead to wrinkles and other unflattering skin conditions. Too much sunlight, dust and daily make-up can also make skin look dry… Continue reading Moms, are you having a terrible day? Get your vibe back with an Oxygen Facial